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BKL-Icon Dieser Artikel behandelt den Roman; für die Trilogie, zu welcher der Roman gehört, siehe Alphabet Squaron (Reihe).

Alphabet Squadron ist ein angekündigter Roman, welcher von Alexander Freed geschrieben wird und teil einer gleichnamigen Trilogie sein soll. Die Hardcover-Ausgabe des Romans wird auf Englisch am 11. Juni 2019 erscheinen, während das E-Book, die Taschenbuch-Exportedition, sowie die Vertonung des Buches bereits am 4. Juni erscheinen werden. Das Buch wird von fünf Piloten der Rebellen-Allianz handeln, die nach der Schlacht von Endor Imperiale jagen. Im Zusammenhang damit wird die Comic-Autorin Jody Houser ab dem 17. April eine neue Comicreihe bei Marvel namens TIE Fighter veröffentlichen, in der es um die imperiale Elite-Staffel Shadow Wing geht.


The first novel in a new trilogy starring veteran New Republic pilots.

On the verge of victory in a brutal war, five New Republic pilots transform from hunted to hunters in this epic STAR WARS adventure. Set after Return of the Jedi, Alphabet Squadron follows a unique team, each flying a different class of starfighter as they struggle to end their war once and for all.

The Emperor is dead. His final weapon has been destroyed. The Imperial Army is in disarray. In the aftermath, Yrica Quell is just one of thousands of defectors from her former cause living in a deserters’ shantytown—until she is selected to join Alphabet Squadron.

Cobbled together from an eclectic assortment of pilots and starfighters, the five members of Alphabet are tasked by New Republic general Hera Syndulla herself. Like Yrica, each is a talented pilot struggling to find their place in a changing galaxy. Their mission: to track down and destroy the mysterious Shadow Wing, a lethal force of TIE fighters exacting bloody, reckless vengeance in the twilight of their reign.

The newly formed unit embodies the heart and soul of the Rebellion: ragtag, resourceful, scrappy, and emboldened by their most audacious victory in decades. But going from underdog rebels to celebrated heroes isn’t as easy as it seems, and their inner demons threaten them as much as their enemies among the stars. The wayward warriors of Alphabet Squad will have to learn to fly together if they want to protect the new era of peace they’ve fought so hard to achieve.



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