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„I think this galaxy would be a whole lot nicer and more pleasant place to live if we could all just stop killing each other.“
— Jos Vondar (Quelle)
„You truly became a Jedi Knight on the day when you realized that you already were one.“
— Barriss Offee (Quelle)
„The real sign that someone has become a fanatic is that he completely loses his sense of humor about some important facet of his life. When humor goes, it means he's lost his perspective.“
— Wes Janson (Quelle)
„If we wish to live in goodness, all we need do iz open our heartz. If we wish to bring justice and peace to the galaxy, all we need do is step into the light.“
— Saba Sebatyne (Quelle)
„It's taken me years to work that out, but I should have seen it from the start. Jacen, the brother I loved, my twin, never came home. It just looked as if he did.“
— Jaina Solo (Quelle)



Darth Bane


The Clone Wars



Die Jedi-Akademie


Hand des Thrawn

Junior Jedi Knights

Das Erbe der Jedi-Ritter

Dunkles Nest

Wächter der Macht

Das Verhängnis der Jedi-Ritter

Eigenständige Romane






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