Das Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook ist ein Quellenbuch, das 1996 von West End Games veröffentlicht wurde und Themen aus Schatten des Imperiums abhandelt. Das hundertsiebenundzwanzig Seiten umfassende Buch mit zahlreichen Schwarz-Weiß-Illustrationen wurde von Peter Schweighofer geschrieben, das Cover-Art ist von Tom ONeill.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags

After his defeat on Cloud City, Luke Skywalker finds himself a pawn in a deadly game between Darth Vader and the mysterious and dangerous leader of the criminal organization Black Sun. Confronted by bounty hunters and his own worst fears, Luke must lead a daring rescue mission to Emperor Palpatine's throne world of Coruscant, where he will confront the foes who lurk in the Shadows of the Empire...


Kurze Geschichten

Permission Granted

Droids Can't Fly

Let's Go

Safehouse Bash


In the Emperor's Service

Temporary Reassignment

Up the Intelligence Letter

The Lesser Evil

Only One of Her Kind

The Regalia of Office

The Obvious Spacegoat

The Business Merger

Just Another Day's Work

The Backup Plan

Partners No More

Out of the Picture

An Old Flame in Need

Spero's Flight

A Very Special Meal

Hasty Exit

Hunting Holiday

Glory Support

We Are Made of Suffering

Better Than Nothing

Dead End Drop

All the Extras

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