Das Tales of the Jedi Companion ist ein Quellenbuch, das 1996 von West End Games veröffentlicht wurde und Themen der Comicreihe Jedi-Chroniken abhandelt. Das 176 Seiten umfassende Buch mit zahlreichen Schwarz-Weiß- und Farbillustrationen wurde von George R. Strayton geschrieben, das Cover-Art ist von Dave Dorman.


Millennia ago, the discovery of hyperspace travel brought the galaxy together, giving birth to a democratic union of star systems known as the Galactic Republic. From the time of its inception, the Republic grew, over thousands of years, to encompass vast numbers of inhabited worlds.

The survival of the Republic depended on two factors: the wise governing of selfless administrators and lawmakers... and the preservation of harmony and justice by a heroic warrior fraternity - the Jedi Knights.

In those glorious ancient days, a great many Force-sensitive individuals willingly entered arduous training under accomplished Jedi Masters, taking up the weapons, the knowledge, and the powers of the Jedi Way.

Join us now as we explore the secret histories recorded in the Jedi Holocron - tales of an age when the Jedi Knights were numerous and strong!

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags

Four millennia before the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Jedi Knights struggle against the dark side of the Force and its minions. Ancient Sith sorceries have reemerged after a thousand years of dormancy, threatening the peace that has reigned across the galaxy since the Fall of the Sith Empire...

The Beast Wars of Onderon and the Freedon Nadd Uprising have hurled the galaxy toward the inevitable clash between good and evil, and brave Jedi like Ulic Qel-Droma, Nomi Sunrider, and Tott Doneeta have joined forces with the Republic to fend off the growing darkness.

This companion to the popular Dark Horse comic book series features detailed game statistics and histories for the people, places, starships, vehicles, and droids involved in the events leading up to the Great Sith War. In addition, this book includes a detailed listing of all Force powers ever featured in any Star Wars Roleplaying Game product. A section on designing and running a Tales of the Jedi campaign, plus new equipment and character templates, enables gamemasters to create their own adventures during this time of conflict between shadow and light.

The epic struggle against the dark side of the Force is only beginning...


  • Introduction
  • 1 Era of Conflict
  • 2 The Jedi
  • 3 Jedi Powers
  • 4 The Sith Reborn
  • 5 Sith Powers
  • 6 Neutrals
  • 7 Species
  • 8 Creatures
  • 9 Vehicles and Starships
  • 10 Technology
  • 11 Sites
  • 12 Running a Tales of the Jedi Campaign
  • 13 "Ruins of Kabus-Dabeh" Solitaire Adventure
  • Character Templates

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  • Tales of the Jedi Companion, Herausgeber: West End Games, 1996. ISBN 0-87431-289-2
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